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cyanidedawn's Journal


come and see the real me

Cyanide at Left

DISCLAIMER: though unfortunate, i am forced to add a disclaimer to my writings. most of what is written is not what could be traditionally called "truth." i write from a distant vantage point. i am creating a world where there is no truth beside my own. i am gazing through an eyepiece and sometimes that eyepiece is warped or dirty or yellow or pink or broken or even opaque. i am not writing for advice, so please don't offer any. you may get a very sarcastic and hurtful answer. i would rather not do that. though you may have the best intentions and may very well be a very good and kind human being, please stay shy of the belief that i want "help." i would rather have you see this as a very delicate construction, a lie that i believe and that in this world, yes one that i live by. so if i come off as being pitiable or depressed or in torment, understand that i do not want a therapist adding "helpful" thoughts to any single piece. this is my world, my gothic little city and i do not want any remonstrations or protestations, though you are more than welcome to walk the streets and to speak as much as you want and however you want, as much as you are able to abide by my request. consider me fiction, my signposts and directions, and my blaring announcements constructs of my imagination. i hope this is enough and that you understand.
aimless rants, angering poetasters, beer, drinking, fucking novelists, humiliation, internet love., junk mail, marlboro's, occasional poetry, reading lousy poems, rolling in the grass, sarcasm, urinating from rooftops, writing lousy poetry